Artist Statement:

The human being is ever a medium to the profound divinity of the cosmos. His inner world is tuned in to the collective consciousness of the cosmos. This collective consciousness offers him the complete picture of the past, present and future, and offers him oneness with the magical beings in the varying realms of the cosmos. His involvement though in the physical world obscures his view of the supreme reality, yet he internally knows the truth and magnificence of its call.

Artwork #1: The mosaic of our inner selves

We perceive everything as we are, and our evaluation is filtered by the layers of our beliefs and experiences. Yet we have tiny sockets peeking out to invite further experiences to our beings.

The mosaic of our inner selves

Artwork #2: The being of weariness

The influx, absorption and alchemy and out flux of our complete beings will at some stage become overwhelming. It is then that the magical being who we are becoming weary decides to retreat, regain strength and return

The being of weariness

Artwork #3: Oneness of being

Even as we step out in the external world to make light of the constructs of the man created world , our own connection to the cosmos through our inner world circles around us. We are one with the magical beings of the eras and the worlds bygone and beyond and even as we roam around in one of our own creation, we each represent them wholly and fully

Oneness of being

Artwork #4: Being in solitude

As our weary magical being relaxes and recuperates in isolation, he enters a period of temporary nothingness where as his being returns to it’s fullest, he temporarily loses perception of his being

Being in solitude

Artwork #5: Return and march of the magical alchemist

As the being has recuperated and regenerated, he marches into the man made world with a spirit of embrace

Return and march of the magical alchemist

Artwork #6: The interaction of the wholes in the physical

The overall being during the world of recreation has completely assimilated his inner world within, and has found a confluence between his connects in the cosmos and the man made world, As a result his magnitude starts amplifying

The interaction of the wholes in the physical

Artwork #7: The intent of transmutation

The overall being now starts applying his cosmic energy to transform the man made world to match his inner world. His strong intent to restore the man made world to the way the cosmos intended it to be is now casting its energy

The intent of transmutation

Artwork #8: The wait

While his intent is beginning to play out, he quietly waits in the wings doing all he can to keep his visualised existence in the man made world going. Sometimes his concentration temporarily causes him to become unaware of his cosmic whole.

The wait

Artwork #9: Removal of the veil

As his intent to transform the external world starts bearing fruits, he hears its call. He now decides to reveal his entire being to the man made world. As his entire being is now felt, his assimilation begins to dissolve his layering, making it his intrinsic essence instead

Removal of the veil

Artwork #10: The dissolution

His external and inner world have merged and formed a continuum. And as a result of retaining his inner world in his essences, he now functions without calling upon it externally. Even then the portals of the cosmos are always open for him to now indulge in

The dissolution

About the Artist:

I was working full time in financial sector. I had always wanted to pursue fine art and photography but never able to pursue it due to family responsibilities.



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Pratik Sharma

Pratik Sharma

Ex-Finance Prof. Now, Freelance Digital Artist/Fine Art Photographer. Exploring the World of #NFTs